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East Lake provides the safest vaccinations offering the best protection, at affordable pricing.

Core Vaccinations

Core Vaccinations are those considered to be vital for pet health in our region. 

- Dogs                                                                







- Cats




- Pigs





+/-  Lyme, Rattlesnake, FIV.



Vaccinations: Safest Technology


East Lake carefully selects immunizations after extensive evaluation of scientific research and clinical trials. East Lake provides only those immunizations with the lowest incidence of adverse reactions. Our goal is for your pet to have the best, and broadest spectrum protection, from preventable diseases and to feel great at the same time.


Vaccinations: Best Protection


East Lake selects only those vaccinations offering the most complete coverage with the greatest margin of safety. Vaccinations protect the health of families and the public. These immunizations prevent illness and prevent the spread of contagious, dangerous, and even deadly diseases, which can pass between pets and people. Further, regular vaccination for diseases like Rabies is the LAW. Failure to vaccinate for rabies may result in City fines up to $2,000 per pet. Also, pets that are not legally vaccinated will be subject to the strongest laws requiring either quarantine or rabies testing (a fatal test) in the event of a reported bite or scratch.


Regular immunizations offer the best assurance for the health of pets, even those kept exclusively indoors, and protect pet owners from legal complications, quarantines, and City fines.



Vaccinations: Affordable

East Lake spends more to deliver the safest and broadest spectrum vaccinations, yet provides these immunizations at a low cost in an effort to help protect more pets. In fact, a recent survey of area “discount” shot clinics revealed that East Lake on average is $15 below market price per pet providing clients great value in keeping their pet protected. 


Further, pet parents can be confident that immunizations offered by East Lake meet the highest safety standards, and are administered with the most gentle technique.

Have a question? Just ask. We are here for you. 

(214) 342 - 3100

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