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Cat Care Center

Feline Nutrition at East Lake Veterinary Hospital
East Lake Surgical Care
East Lake Cat Care Center
East Lake Medical Care
East Lake Home Health & Hospice Services

East Lake Cat Care Center is a completely dog-free facility that caters to everything “Cat". During a visit, it provides a calm, and quiet environment... from our “home away from home” bedroom lodging suites to comprehensive medical and surgical care, East Lake Cat Care Center is the kind of place cat lovers dream about! 

Our Services:


  • Advanced Medical Care

  • Advanced Surgical Care

  • Dental Care and Cleaning

  • Feline Nutrition

  • Home Health and Hospice

  • Chauffeur Services

  • Lodging




At East Lake Cat Care Center, we know that not just any boarding facility will do for cats. That is why we have created what we think is the best cat lodging facility in Dallas.


San Francisco “painted lady” houses with spacious accommodations and private cat friendly anti-boredom TV programming in each space to our full size “home away from home” bedrooms complete with a full size bed and all the comforts of home. Your cat will love our stress free, peaceful, relaxing, calm, zen like cats-only environment and team of cat lovers on site seven days a week. 

Home Health & Hospice:

East Lake provides home health & hospice service when pets or their caregivers are immobile or when facing end of life care.


Many treatments can be provided quickly and easily in the comfort of a family home or yard. Some of these treatments improve quality of life so much that life is comfortably extended or these treatments may return a patient to his/her original level of functioning.


East Lake doctors will counsel clients facing tough decisions to make sure that they understand options available to help. We are also here to support families when the time comes to part with a beloved companion.


The East Lake team is solution focused to help support pet families in making the best decisions together.

We are here to help! 

(214) 342 - CATS (2287)

Wags. Purrs. Smiles 

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