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Our Doctors

Dr. Bubrig


Dr. Bubrig completed his advanced level degrees at Louisiana State University, and recently relocated to Dallas. His work over nearly the past 2 decades has focused on surgery and dentistry. Dr. Bubrig provides soft tissue surgery, orthopedics, and advanced level dentistry including oral surgery and root canals. Dr. Bubrig has experience working with a variety of species and his team describes him as "an inspiration to work with".

Dr. Fling


Dr. Fling attended University of North Texas for her undergraduate studies, and transferred to Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine for her advanced degrees. Dr. Fling is from Dallas originally, and has practiced locally for her entire career. She worked in referral Dermatology under the guidance of Dr. Lloyd Reedy, and enjoyed working beside a variety of specialists in surgery, ophthalmology and internal medicine. Despite her exposure to a wide array of specialty practices, Dr. Fling chose to focus on general practice because of the variety of patients she was able to care for, and so that she could develop her surgical career. Dr. Fling enjoys soft tissue surgeries, cosmetic surgeries which improve breathing function and eye surgeries. Additionally, Dr. Fling is accomplished in cancer surgery, major mass removals, trauma surgeries and skin grafts. Dr. Fling is also acting President of East Lake Pet Orphanage and performs hundreds of spay and neuter surgeries each year and says that she enjoys giving her service to the orphanage so that she does not have to personally rescue all these pets and have them live with her. That being said, Dr. fling has 3 poodles, a golden doodle, a terrier mix, and 3 cats which have been adopted from East Lake Pet Orphanage. Additionally, she enjoys spending time with her back yard chickens and 3 alpacas.

Dr. Hille


Dr Hille completed his formal education at Oklahoma State University, and has practiced in Dallas for his entire career. The scope of Dr. Hille's practice experience ranges from wellness and preventive medicine to performing advanced level surgeries including cancer surgeries, bladder surgeries, nephrectomies and urinary tract obstruction surgeries. He is also an advocate for preventative gastropexy surgery for breeds predisposed to "bloat" or gastric dilatation and volvulus syndrome. Dr. Hille is also highly skilled in managing dislocated hips, elbows and jaws. "It means a lot to me to give a pet a second chance at life- pets aren't just animals...they are a part of our families", says Hille.

Dr. Miller


Dr. Miller completed her undergraduate and masters degrees, and her doctorate, all at Texas A&M University. Dr. Miller's practice is exclusively limited to cats. Dr. Miller says that she was raised by a family of "cat people" and that she "speaks their (cat) language". She also states that cats have more personality than people give them credit for, and that they are really more like people than animals. She also says that you have to earn a cat's love, and that there is "no animal on the planet cuter than a kitten".

Dr. Miller focuses on a variety of surgeries including oral surgery, dentistry, cancer surgery and cosmetic reconstructive surgery. Miller says that her most rewarding surgery to date has been the removal of a massive gall bladder full of stones in a teenage kitty. Dr. Miller also cares for a number of kitties in their 20's!

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