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Since 1993, East Lake Veterinary Hospital has been devoted to helping pets and
their families.


East Lake is a multi faceted organization and has been a part of the community since 1993 providing a wide array of veterinary services.  Our mission statement is simply “Wags, Purrs, Smiles”. If a dog’s tail is wagging, or a cat is purring, that says the pet is happy and feeling well. “Smiles” are our goal too, because we are not happy unless our clients are happy too.

We are detailed in our care and we are comfort focused. We want every visit to be better than the last so much so, that your pet is excited to come back next time!

We have deeply bonded relationships with our clients and our work together is a partnership to insure that pets have the care they need and deserve. We also understand that our clients have unique needs too... that’s why we are here 7 days a week from 7a - 9p. 



Urgent Care + Pet Diagnostics Now

The East Lake team understands that urgent matters and emergencies happen when you least expect it, and we are here to help. 

Our urgent care and surgical team brings extensive experience in caring for a variety of species and performing many surgeries not routinely available in general practice. 

Additionally, we provide and process diagnostic evaluations without the need for a doctor visit... and with fast results!

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East Lake Cat Care Center 

East Lake has a Cat Care Center that is a completely dog-free facility that caters to everything 'Cat'. 


During a visit, it provides a calm, and quiet environment... from our “home away from home” bedroom lodging suites to comprehensive medical, surgical, and urgent care, East Lake Cat Care Center is the kind of place cat lovers dream about! 

Learn more at:

214-342-CATS (2287)

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East Lake Veterinary Hospital at Center Ranch

Three Horses
The East Lake team is pleased to expand to Centerville, Texas to fill the need created when this well known facility originally closed at the end of 2021. 

East Lake Veterinary Hospital at Center Ranch has its roots in the original Center Ranch community created by Finis Welch. Over many years, this magical facility was home to tirelessly devoted horse, cattle, and small animal enthusiasts. Known for its reproductive services and state of the art surgical and patient care, East Lake Veterinary Hospital is currently rebuilding the team that will serve many communities in Texas.

Taking appointments soon. 


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Careers at East Lake

At East Lake, we believe that a passionate calling brings us together as a circle of loyal and devoted caregivers, working in the best profession on earth. 


East Lake provides satisfying careers where no day is ever boring. We live in and are part of our community, we are socially responsible, guided by high standards and ethics, and we enrich the lives of pets and people.

Our enthusiasm for the work we do makes us great! And there is no greater reward than that feeling you get inside when you stop to think, “Wow! Look at what we’re doing and the lives we improve & save.” We change lives -- for the pets, the people we meet, and our lives too! 

Learn more about careers at East Lake by clicking here.

East Lake Events & Continuing Education Center

East Lake provides continuing education and community events. 

East Lake also serves as a teaching hospital working with 48 accredited AVMA veterinary hospitals in the U.S. and abroad providing the latest in veterinary education to tomorrows Veterinarians and health care providers. 

See what's happening by viewing our East Lake Calendar.


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