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Since 2001, East Lake Veterinary Hospital has been devoted to helping pets and their families. Our mission statement is simply “Wags, Purrs, Smiles”. If a dog’s tail is wagging, or a cat is purring, that says the pet is happy and feeling well. “Smiles” are our goal too, because we are not happy unless our clients are happy too.

We are detailed in our care and we are comfort focused. We want every visit to be better than the last so much so, that your pet is excited to come back next time!

We have deeply bonded relationships with our clients and our work together is a partnership to insure that pets have the care they need and deserve. We also understand that our clients have unique needs too... that’s why we are here 7 days a week from 7a - 9p. 

Located in Dallas at 10101 E Northwest Hwy.  214-342-3100

Our Services

East Lake Annual Vaccinations and Wellness
East Lake Puppy & Kitten Care
East Lake Medical Care
East Lake Veterinary Hospital Surgical Care
East Lake Pet Hotel
East Lake Salon and Spa
East Lake Cat Care Center
East Lake Pocket Pets
East Lake Team

Pet Diagnostics Now!

Does your pet need a quick lab test, radiograph, or sonogram?  If you are worried about your pet and need information fast, we can help!

Click here for more info or call us at 214-342-3100 


East Lake is expanding our team and would love to hear from you.   Click here for more information. You can also apply via LinkedIn.

Did you know?

East Lake has a Cat Care Center that is a completely dog-free facility that caters to everything “Cat". During a visit, it provides a calm, and quiet environment... from our “home away from home” bedroom lodging suites to comprehensive medical, surgical, and urgent care, East Lake Cat Care Center is the kind of place cat lovers dream about! 

East Lake offers chauffeur services, and free pharmacy and pet food delivery.

Call us at 214-342-3100 to learn more. 

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