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Urgent Care

East Lake doctors are on site 7 days a week and our team of 80 employees provide vigilant care. The East Lake team understands that urgent matters and emergencies happen when you least expect it, and we are here to help.


Our facilities offer spacious hospitalization areas that are comfort focused. We provide plush bedding and accessory warming or cooling to maintain core body temperature by using the 3M Bair Hugger system. Additionally, oxygen and fluid therapy is used based on our patients needs:


Oxygen enrichment is often indicated for the treatment of shock, head injury, neurologic disease, tissue hypoxia, server anemia, and other symptoms and situations. East Lake administers oxygen using Synder MFG ICU units which provides a way to administer oxygen without adding stress for the patient. 



Intravenous Fluid Therapy allows patients to feel better faster and provides:

  • Correction of electrolyte imbalance

  • A vehicle to deliver medication

  • Treat life threatening shock

  • Fluid replacement

  • Correction of dehydration

  • Regulate body temperature

  • Provide a vehicle for blood or plasma transfusion delivery

  • Provides nutrition 

  • Support organ function

  • Support blood pressure

East Lake has a full service on-site laboratory that provides quick answers for patient care when time matters most. We also use the highest level of digital Radiography is also available, and Radiologists are on call for evaluations 7 days a week for emergencies.


East Lake is also equipped to handle anything from small cuts and broken toe nails to major surgeries and traumas. In certain situations ambulatory service is also available.

At East Lake we are here for your pet's urgent care needs and we are here for you.

(214) 342 - 3100

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