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Lodging / Boarding

Our philosophy is simple – pets are family! Accordingly, while a pet’s people are away, we want to create the perfect vacation stay for them! We understand that when pets are home that they don’t sleep on cold stainless steel surfaces, or live in chain link cages as are found at some animal boarding facilities. Our spacious lodging areas have plush bedding, lots of natural light, and a team of attentive caregivers and veterinarians on site 7 days a week and we provide 24-hour care. Our canine guests also have the comforting sounds and views of televisions featuring anti-boredom movies with squirrels and birds as the main characters.


We also know how important it is for dogs to have time outside. Our canine guests are walked, depending on client preference, 4 – 6 times a day in a large fully turfed, safely fenced yard. Also, a large exercise pavilion is available for active & social dogs to run and play off leash. This area has sand for digging, swimming pools, & umbrellas, trees, and a tiki hut for extra shade and a cool breeze misting system for when it is warm.


We also recognize that cats have special needs, we understand that most cats enjoy peace and solitude without dogs, which is why our cat only facility, the East Lake Cat Center was built.  Here, feline guests have full size bedrooms, tastefully appointed with furniture to climb on, and tables to perch on, with views to the outside with bird feeders. Our kitty condominiums also offer feline anti-boredom movies featuring fish, birds, and rodents. Each lodging space has private “litter areas”, with a specialized ventilation system, which quickly eliminates dust and odors keeping kitty areas clean and fresh.


All lodging guests have in-room dining, medication services if needed, and 7 day a week veterinarian supervised care. If your pet(s) have special needs, let us know! We will even cook for your pet.


Also, salon services and medical care are available during your pet’s stay with us. Just ask, we are here to help!

(214) 342 - 3100

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