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Our Culture

East Lake is a multi-faceted organization devoted to helping pets and their families. Our mission statement is simply “Wags, Purrs, Smiles”. If a dog’s tail is wagging, or a cat is purring, that says that pet is happy and feeling well. “Smiles” are our goal too, because we are not happy unless our clients are happy too.

Our patients are people’s “pet children”. Each pet we see is special and has unique needs. It is our pleasure to care for a variety of species too! We are detailed in our care and we are comfort focused. We want every visit to be better than the last so much so, that your pet is excited to come back next time!

We value life and look beyond euthanasia to give pets the benefit of treatment in order to save more lives. Accordingly, we are dedicated to the urgent, emergency, and critical care needs of our patients with a focus on proactive treatment. 


We work hard to earn our client’s trust. We have deeply bonded relationships with our clients and our work together is a partnership to ensure that pets have the care they need and deserve. We also understand that our clients have unique needs too... that’s why we are here 7 days a week and have 24 hour care. We strive as service providers to offer all that our clients and patients need under one roof. We also offer chauffeur services and free pharmacy and pet food delivery.


Our circle is made up of loyal, hardworking, devoted caregivers guided by good. We are non-corporate, independent thinkers who work collaboratively and our career opportunities are limitless.

The work we do matters. We are teachers and life-long learners, working hard to grow personally and develop in our profession. Honesty and integrity are core values that we do not compromise on. We give people second, third, fourth, chances on simple mistakes, and are willing to work with people on truly “teachable” things. We have a philosophy of “continuous gradual improvement” accepting the challenge to find where we can be better in our work.

A heart for rescue is in every one of our team members. Our hope through East Lake Pet Orphanage is that that everyone on our team sees in the eyes of each puppy and kitten, a life that might have been extinguished elsewhere and instead they have a chance at life and bringing happiness as part of someone’s family.

East Lake provides satisfying careers where no day is ever boring. We live in and are part of our community, we are socially responsible, guided by high standards and ethics, and we enrich the lives of pets and people. A passionate calling brings us together as a circle of loyal and devoted caregivers, working in the best profession on earth.


Our enthusiasm for the work we do makes us great! And there is no greater reward than that feeling you get inside when you stop to think, “Wow! Look at what we’re doing and the lives we improve & save.” We change lives -- for the pets, the people we meet, and our lives too!

Have a question? Just ask - we are here to help!


Wags. Purrs. Smiles


Devoted Care Providers in:

  • Veterinary Nursing

  • Veterinary Assisting

  • Pharmacy Nursing

  • Hospital Nursing

  • Lodging Pet Care Specialist

  • Day Camp Counselors

  • Customer Experience Representatives (CER)

Please submit your resume and the completed East Lake employment application to You can also apply in person, or drop by for a tour. 

*** NOW HIRING ***

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