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Chauffeur Services

East Lake offers chauffeur services to help busy pet parents:


  • Transport dirty dogs

  • Transport immobile pets

  • Assist a pet parents

  • Assist those who can’t lift their pets(s) into the car

  • To relieve anxiety of pets who stress in the car


Let’s face it! Life is busy, and sometimes car rides for pets can be hard for a pet’s person! That’s where East Lake will help! We have transportation services with vehicles able to transport even the biggest dog or pig and a smooth riding stretch limousine for the anxious feline who meows and yowls in the family car.


Chauffeur services tour salon and spa are free for those dirty dogs you wouldn’t want in you back seat too!


Need help? Just ask! We are here for you!

(214) 342 - 3100

Wags. Purrs. Smiles 

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